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Sulphuric acid

At the beginning of the 20th century HUGO PETERSEN set new standards for the production of sulphuric acid with the PETERSEN tower plant process, whereby the obsolete lead chamber process was replaced by a new tower plant process.

For more than 110 years HUGO PETERSEN has built sulphuric acid plants to meet the highest standards. Over the decades we have developed optimal concepts for our clients.

Through the knowledge of and experience in metallurgical and chemical processes HUGO PETERSEN can offer customised solutions to its customers. 

HUGO PETERSEN can call the largest number of sulphuric acid technologies in the world, its own:


Sulphuric Acid Plants of HUGO PETERSEN


  • Metallurgical Gases
  • Elementary Sulphur
  • Spent Acid


  • Dry Catalysis
  • Wet Catalysis
  • Petersen-Tower-Technology
  • SUPEROX-Technology
  • SUPERCO-Technology


  • Sulphuric Acid of all forms
  • Oleum of any quality
  • SO3 und SO2 as gas oder liquid
  • Ammonium sulphate


Here, special processes are those that serve a particular separation efficiency and particular requirements, but ones that also focus on energy recovery.

  •     SO2RICH
  •     SULFALTA
  •     SUPEROX
  •     SUPERCO
  •     MERCUREX (B-GON)
  •     ENERREC


a process that produces an SO2-rich gas from weak SO2-containing gases, from which a liquid SO2 or any other sulphur-based product can then be processed further.


is a group of processes for the treatment of SO2-containing gases that contain more than 12 vol.-%. As a result, gases with more than 30 vol.% can be handled.


is a highly efficient SO2-separation process based on sulphuric acid and H2O2.


is an A-Koks-optimised method for the separation of SO2 in the production of sulphuric acid.


The separation of mercury for sulphuric acid of the highest quality.


Energy recovery and use of sulphuric acid plants.




Sulphuric acid


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